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Colorimeter differs from Spectrophotometer

Time:Jun 02,2016  Posted By:3nh
3nh is a brand of colorimeter manufacturer in shenzhen, China. Today, she will tell us how colorimeter differs from spectrophotometer.
First of all, they can measure color differences between specimens and all are able to be used in these applications including paints, inks, plastics, textiles and apparel, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, displays, and other parts and products that reflect or transmit color.

NR60CP colorimeter


While the term colorimeter often is used in a general sense to mean color measurement, it differs from spectrophotometer, a related but distinct method of color measurement. 
In colorimeter, the quantification of color is based on the three-component theory of color vision, which states that the human eye possesses receptors for three primary colors (red, green and blue), and that all colors are seen as mixtures of these primaries. In colorimeter, these components are referred to as X-Y-Z coordinates. Colorimeters, based on this theory of color perception, employ three photocells as receptors to see color in much the same way as the human eye. 


NS810 spectrophotometer


Spectrophotometer, on the other hand, uses many more sensors (40 or more in some spectrophotometers) to separate a beam of reflected or transmitted light into its component wavelengths. It measures the spectral reflectance of an object at each wavelength on the visible spectrum continuum. spectrophotometer provides high accuracy and is generally used in research and color formulation applications. Colorimeters are generally used in production and quality control applications. 
3nh produces two models, NS810 and NS800 spectrophotometer, and others are all colorimeter, such as NH310, NH300, NR60CP, NR200, NR110, NR145, NR20XE etc. Their instruments are widely used all over the world, so are color quality control software.