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Colorimeter Theory - 8 / d illumination optical structure

Time:Jun 02,2016  Posted By:3nh
3nh colorimeter adopts 8/d, 45/0 and d/8 optical structure. Different colorimeter spectrophotometer uses different structure.
Most colorimeter instruments adopt 8 / d illumination optical structure shown as Figure 1, including a light source, the light path, integrating sphere sensor. Other illumination optical structure with this little difference.
optical structure
Figure 1
Our NH series, and some NR series use 8/d illumination optical struture, while NR20XE, NR145 coloriemter and NS800 spectrophotometer use 45/0 method (45 ring-shaped illumination, vertical viewing). Only our NS810 spectrophotometer uses d/8 (diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle)