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Time:Jun 30,2016  Posted By:3nh

Now industrial production many manufacturers like to use color detection tools to complete the color assessment and analysis, which is why it must be on the color boxes and color measurement of these colors testing of the instruments in order to properly obtain color data do directly with the naked eye observation defect where they are likely to buy color assessment instrument produced before people doubt us know why you want to use the instrument, first talk about what would have assessed the impact of color, which color detection and analysis are very important .

Light difference

There are probably a lot of people that experience, placed in a greengrocer's apple in the sunlight, it is so delicious, if placed under fluorescent home it looks not so good. Sunlight, fluorescent, tungsten, etc., each of which makes lighting are the same apple look different.

BACKGROUND difference

Placed before a bright background apple looks bleak than before to put a dark background, which is called the contrast effect, to accurately determine the color, this is unfavorable.

Direction difference

When we observe a small car from two slightly different angles, the car looks like a point of difference will be dark. This is due to the reason the car paint has directional characteristic. Some colored material, especially metal coatings have a strong directional characteristic. For accurate color communication, of something viewing angle and illumination angle must remain constant

The difference between the observer

The sensitivity of each person's eyes are always slightly different, even people with normal color vision think, red or blue may still be biased. There is also a man of vision usually increases with age and change. Because of these factors, a variety of colors in different people is not the same opinion.

Differences in size

He chose a good thought, but wallpaper paste to the wall after going a little too bright but that was after a review of the small samples of wallpaper. Covering large areas of color samples will generate an error.

Based on the above conclusion is therefore observed color is very definite conditions must be maintained. Using color detection instrument is to provide such a constant ambient color detection, color light box can provide a constant light source and viewing angle color detection, these more advanced color measurement instruments directly simulate the human eye measurement data show results more accurate. Using color detection equipment is necessary in industrial production is also necessary it can reduce a lot of loss, while increasing production efficiency.